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Welcome to the, your first stop for information on the most mysterious mythical creatures of all time. We hope you are as excited about dragons as we are about learning what people thing of them?

Our current survey seeks opinions on whether the economic and financial crisis is causing an increased interest in dragons.

What do you think? Take our survey below. We are also wondering if people from different parts of the country have drastically different views?

Dragon Economy Survey

Economists have long believed that during economic hard times people have tried to escape from their everyday lives and problems by focusing on fantasies such as going to a movie or reading a novel.

We were wondering if the current economic and financial crisis has had any effect on the ultimate fantasy creature, the dragon.

Since the September 2008 economic and financial crisis has your interest in dragons
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Thank you for taking our survey. If you are interested in the results be sure to sign-up for our news above right.

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